Owlet Smart Sock – As seen on ITV This Morning

With the Owlet firmly in the spotlight, there is no better time to remind you of its benefits…

The Owlet Smart Sock uses pulse oximetry to track a baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. If these levels leave preset boundaries then parents are notified straight away via the in-house unit and the app on their smartphone.

The app is linked directly to the sock that tracks the baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels at all times and sends up-to-date readings direct to your phone for you to check whenever you want to. So even if parents are out of the house and someone else is looking after their child, they can still check if the baby is ok. If something goes wrong then an alarm will sound so parents and carers can act quickly to investigate the problem.

Since its launch in the UK, the Owlet has gone on to win numerous awards which recently include the Loved By Parents Awards 2019

Best Baby Monitor
Owlet Smart Sock – Platinum  
Best New Product to Market 2019
Owlet Smart Sock – Gold
Best Technology Accessory
Owlet Smart Sock – Gold

Now that it’s available through Cheeky Rascals in the UK, even more parents can benefit from the peace of mind that their baby is healthy while they sleep.

For more information or to purchase your Owlet, please feel free to pop into store or call us on 01926 634704


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