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"Say Hello" toys are a wonderful way to slimulate your baby sensory classes, or just because you love them.

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"Say Hello" activity toys offer your baby a variety of sounds and sights to discover and they're great for spending time playing interactive games together.....

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"Say Hello"  range of Discovery toys have been carefully designed with soft cosy fabrics and happy smiley faces and they're packed with surprises for your litytle explorer to uncover

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"Say Hello" travel toys have rings or clasps to attach them easily to a pushchair, car seat or to a clip on your changing bag. They're small enough to take everywhere but they're full of sensory activities to entertain your baby while your out and about.  

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Come in to store to see the fantasic new products we have on display.....

Venicci  is one of the leading suppliers of quality designed pushchairs and prams. In 2011 it launched in the UK market and since then has gone from strength to strength.Venicci prides itself on working closely with families to ensure parents can have absolute trust in their products and their ongoing business and developments.They are committed to offering outstanding value for money whilst still ensuring their products are made to the highest standard.

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Slivercloud has new luxurious huggable, comforting and super-soft fabrics for your baby. By combining soft velboa, cozy curly fleeces and gentle jersey fabrics, our gifts provide baby with textures to explore and soothe. Crinkles, rattles & chimes to amuse and entertain. It"s all about the quality, the attention to detail, comfort and soothe-ability.

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Baby Boutique range is soft and special just like your new born baby. The 100% cotton shawls and blankets will coordinate beautifully with any nursery.

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Seamless blend of comfort and compactness, the zapp flex plus lets you stroll around with ease. So what ever you do, with the Zapp Flex Plus your're more than ready.


Four large wheels for a comfortable ride.

Perfect from birth with the lightweight lux carrycot.

Closed pushbarfor one- hand steering.

Incluldes two-way reclining toddler seat.




Designed to make your life easier, the zapp flex is a highly manoeuvrable , lightweight and comfortable solution.

What ever the city throws at you, you're prepared.


Three compact wheels, highly manoeuvrable

Iconic zapp handles for easy steering.

Two-way reclinging toddler seat.

Compact 3D fold.




Practical design has never looked so good. Lightweight and easy to fold into a small package, the Zap Xpress is a very comfortable buggy, It's ideal when your child is six months or older.


Lightweight and compact.

Forward- facing seat with relax mode.

Iconic Zapp handles for easy steering.

Three compact wheels, highly manoeuvrable.

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